Director’s Interview with Dominique Kim about 3Lingua

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3Lingua language services is a company located in San Sebastián de los Reyes which offers languages solutions in many different languages like English, German, Catalan, Galician, Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, French, Portuguese etc. etc. They work both for companies and individuals, and their customers are not only found in Madrid or Spain, but also in other European countries and the Unites States. Since its founding in 2010, 3Lingua experienced an exponential growth, and all this mainly through online advertising. We spoke with Dominique Kim, director of 3Lingua, who explains us the keys to success.

What are the key factors of your success?

When a customer hires our services, our primary goal is their total satisfaction through customer service, on time delivery and accuracy and last but not least we are straightforward. That means that all our efforts are going to fulfill our commitments with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. For this reason, we have dedicated long time to create a network of professionals in tune with our values. In addition, contact with our customers is continuous, allowing us to adjust to their needs at all times.

Why do you talk about language services and not translations?

Well, we are actually language professionals covering different fields, like voice-over, teaching and interpreting. Nevertheless, our main focus area are translations of any kind, size and difficulty like reports, statements, contracts, web sites and technical guides as well sworn / certified translations with legal value which require special qualifications. Another interesting service is the interpreter hiring, a service for business people coming to Madrid. We accompany you and resolve all the communication problems you may have: from a simple reservation to complex negotiations. We can offer this same service by phone and or by means of technologies like Skype. Finally, we also offer in-company languages training, always adapting to the customer needs, with special focus on: conversation, business language, corporate culture in other countries etc.

Why have you re-designed your website?

…natural evolution… we have grown gradually, increasing our portfolio of services. At every step we have ensured to do it the right way for the benefit of our customers. The new website is a reflection of who we are and what we offer. We have also published a blog and are present in Facebook and Twitter to establish a more fluid and direct communication with our customers.

I guess you don’t speak all the languages you offer, right?

That would be awesome! I was born and I have lived for 27 years in Switzerland, and ever since I have had a great facility for languages. I speak fluently German, Swiss German, Castilian Spanish, English and am also pretty good at French. Furthermore, I can read and understand to a good degree Dutch, Italian, Catalan and Portuguese and some Russian. But I am surrounded by a fantastic team of collaborators allowing us to offer our services in at least twenty different languages. Obviously, if you are looking for a less popular language, don’t worry, we’ll get it for you through our contacts! This is 3Lingua!

This interview has been translated and updated from Spanish: Link.

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