Consecutive and liaison interpreting

In a general sense, consecutive interpretation and liaison interpretation are characterised by the fact that the person who is talking stops so that the interpreter can pass on information verbally on what has been said in the target language. This activity must not be confused with the translation of written texts or simultaneous interpretation which requires technical equipment (cabin, headset etc.).

Liaison interpretation consists of transmitting what has been said in a conversation between two or more persons, such as in negotiations or meetings in general.

Consecutive interpretation takes place in meetings on highly specialised topics, training activities, speeches, small focus groups and trips, amongst others.

Both are used in diverse fields, ranging from commercial or business fields, contracted by private users or professional companies, or tourists, including legal and police situations, medical issues, professional training and many more. An experienced interpreter is capable of reproducing a 10-minute speech with great exactitude.

Our team of interpreters is formed by a hand-picked selection of self-employed professional. This type of relationship allows for us to have on hand the best experts available on the market to support you in your needs. We provide interpreting services both to companies as well as private individuals. We are happy to tackle all manner of projects, even those of short duration, that may last merely a few hours.

Means used for interpretation

Telephone, Skype or any other similar method so that you can communicate with your clients, partners, tele-operators, etc. or simply, actually interpreting in person, in situ.

We also accompany you personally in Madrid or to any other place in Spain, as well as in other countries in the European Union and, even, the United States, South America, Asia etc. We are with you on your journeys so that you are never lost for words

And of course, all is done respecting the strictest professional secrecy.


Typical examples of consecutive or liaison interpreting

I want to converse with a client or collaborator
If you do not speak German, English or whichever language, use our tele-conference services to aid your conversation. During the dialogue we shall interpret consecutively between the two chosen langauges.

Internationalisation of your company or business area
If you wish to expand your business into a Francophone, Anglo-Saxon speaking country, or indeed, any other part of the world, we will accompany you in your meetings with local companies, authorities, lawyers.

Personal matters
If you have acquaintances, family members or friends who do not speak Spanish yet must undertake any type of business matters, (inheritances, transfers, legal procedures etc.) we can accompany you to help you make yourself understood and carry out your business in the language you wish

Professional training
Imagine your company welcomes a machine installer. In order to train the operators you will need a consecutive interpreter to instruct your staff on how to handle the installations that you have just installed.

Simultaneous interpretation
Should you so desire, we will help you to find the professional and equipment through our simultaneous translation partners.