Language training – Personal coaching in another language – Culture consulting

We are specialists in the language training for business purposes, employing the method that you choose. Our experience endorses our work, as we have more than 10 years’ experience working with SMEs and multinationals. Furthermore, we are avid user of the (new) technology: aside from the traditional teacher – students focus classes held “in-company”, we can also offer telephone classes or via platforms such as Skype.

Our professional training portfolio is comprehensive. We also offer entrepreneurial coaching and advisory services, as doing business requires more than simply speaking the language. We can provide professional training in the sphere of international business culture or in the national market in which you wish to interact, thus communicating freely and opening new gateways for your business.

Our didactic methods

We use totally personalised teaching methods that adapt to your needs, taking advantage of our creativity. To achieve this8c6f003d77247a8079817a999a262393, we hold a personal meeting with the head of training and / or human resources. We level test each student in accordance with the “European Common Reference Framework for Languages“ with the relevant appraisal to organise the training sessions. In this way we cover all of your needs: aims, teacher, course materials, number of hours, along with the level and duration of the course.

Student profiling

We offer specific professional training for commonly found posts, senior management and CEOs. Our training approach takes into account the specific needs of each post. Furthermore, we offer both private classes as well as small groups as to ensure teaching of the very highest standards.

Subsidies and rebates can help you to find out whether your company is eligible for training grants for your employees through rebates paid by the Fundación Tripartita* thus allowing you to finance our courses. Should you require help in managing your Fundación Tripartita courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 *Fundación Tripartita is a Spanish institution and operates only in Spain

 How can we help you to prepare for in another language?

  • Interviews and meetings
  • Addresses, exhibitions and presentations
  • Written and oral understanding
  • Hold everyday conversations and discuss specific topics
  • Compose emails, letters and any other type of text
  • Correct reading, pronunciation and vocalisation
  • Personal language coaching
  • Increasing vocabulary: formal, jargon, slang (colloquial language), sayings, idioms, set phrases
  • Grammar
  • Does your company have any other requirements?

Private classes

If you can form your own group of students, we can send you a teacher depending on your needs.

At the present time, the geographic scope of this service is limited to the Community of Madrid, thoiugh this could be expanded on according to circumstances.

Study abroad programmes

If what you require is complete linguistic immersion, we have a wide range of study abroad courses for English: ranging from business English (English for entrepreneurs, English for engineers, etc.) as well as preparation for official qualifications such as First Certificate, Advanced or IELTS. Thanks to the collaborative agreements we have established, you will have the chance to customise your course with a series of complementary activities or even work experience internships. Undoubtedly, a study abroad programme will allow you to put into practice what you have learnt in an English speaking environment, as well as getting to know new cultures and improving your networking.

Complementary services: translation and interpreting 

In addition to our teaching services, our translators can translate any type of text for your company. Likewise, we offer an interpreter service to aid your company in its meetings, visits, presentation or any other type of event you are involved in with your international contacts so that your linguistic needs are