Tell it like it is…

Voice-overs serve to apply the human voice to any audio-visual media. They can be used for training or informative videos intended for internal or external use in your company or may be published on the intranet or on your web page on the internet. In this way, a distributor, employee or intern can learn how to handle a product, learn about the production, sales or distribution processes, or even enjoy commercial courses to increase sales.

Another interesting application is that of promotional videos for your products and services. Forming part of this branch of services is also the dubbing or films or videos such as “podcasts”, documentaries or reports.


Should you so wish, we can even edit the video, add subtitles and add the voice you want in your preferred language. In any case, we work with the very latest recording equipment to record your videos or just the voice in the format you wish, for example, .mp3 – .mov – .wav – .mpeg – .mp4 – .avi – .flv – .asf – flash video and many more.

If we have aroused your interest, we would like to tell you more by telling you in more detail about our voice-over services. Really, there is no limit to the application of human voices for your business and in public presentations.