Translation of web sites and web pages

Why should I translate my web pages if I have no sales outside of Spain?

This is a question that our clients ask themselves often and the response is very simple: in Spain almost 11% of the population (around five million people) are foreigners, of which 64% are not native Spanish speakers. Quite probably, this important contingent searches for products on the net in their own language.

Aside from this, imagine a foreign company without a base in Spain who is looking for suppliers in Spain, they will search in their own language. Or tourists or entrepreneurs who are visiting Spain and wish to find information before their stay, obviously, searching in their own language.

Another factor is the organic positioning (SEO) of your web page, which can result in a better ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines.

There are many reasons why you should invest around 100 € per language translated (basis for calculation: around 1,500 palabras, depending on the language).

Web stores and their products

A web store is an extension of a web page through which you can sell your products and services. We always advise you to translate your products into other languages so that they are visible in other countries and so that you can offer them beyond national borders.

Catalogues and products

Electronic catalogues are a powerful tool to boost product sales. They are normally developed using “Flash” integrated into the actual web page, giving off an impression of the highest quality and sufficient resolution to enlarge photos and open different view of the products. Another alternative is PDF catalogues which can be downloaded and printed on paper, also in high resolution and quality.

We also recommend in this case the translation of the catalogue into several languages as to attract potential clients.


The “non plus ultra” addition and totally necessary are blogs. In your blog posts you can tell stories or anecdotes in a light-hearted manner and from a different and upbeat perspective. It is here when you can really let loose your creativity and share your ideas with the rest of the world. Search engines will honour your posts by improving the positioning of your blog. We never tire of saying that we recommend that these texts also be published in several languages.

 What languages do we translate web pages into?

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