The Power of Words 2.0 – The Swearword


Warning: this post contains strong language, and we accept no responsibility for any offence that may be caused!

It’s not that we wish to promulgate the use of certain words, however they are an important part of everyday language and deserve a look. In certain countries, including Spain, they are used quite openly and frequently – even across the counter in banks or public offices. Elsewhere, though, people ‘tone it down’, and in German cultures especially swearing can give the impression of being uneducated.

Whereas in Spain, many people use strong words with full force, around Europe they are often modified to sound better: “God” becomes “gosh” and “Hell” becomes “heck”. Although more polite, the meaning doesn’t change, and they are still seen as ‘strong’ language.

As for German-speakers, they never get irritated, nothing drives them crazy, and therefore they never swear. Really? What mostly happens is that during childhood they are taught to refrain from swearing by severe punishment, and this restriction stays with them as adults. Hence, in a professional setting, swearing is not considered acceptable under any circumstances.

Our golden rule is to only use swearwords when you know how, when and with whom they can be safely used. To do otherwise risks closing doors with your colleagues and family.

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