Wanna become a businessman or a businesswoman?


Now you can find out easily if you are able to start a profitable company of your own. NEBA (North European Business Academy) has developed compact and cost efficient (standard package only 150 euros!) way of studying to become a businessman or businesswoman. The training will guide your through different topics relevant to evaluate your business potential and to sharpen your business idea.

NEBA-Online business training has special advantages to benefit you! You can start the training without clear business idea and we will help you to find out a suitable business idea for you. This also means that if you are not sure of your personal possibilities to run a business, our training will guide you to make a realistic evaluation and also see your whole business potential as it really is.

Our students have confirmed to us: “This excellent Neba-online business training helped me to find out a business idea and start my own company!”.

Our training includes a book: “What Do You Have In Your Hand?”, video lessons, power point materials, other texts and special tests and self-evaluations like:

  1. Business Development Process Maturity Test – that test gives a realistic whole picture of your business startup situation, including topics like economical risks, personal motivation, maturity of business idea and professional capacity.
  2. Behavior, Personality and Skills Test – that test gives you a good evaluation of your personality, behavior and skills, relating to business startup. Personality is hard to change, but you can learn new skills and learn to change your behavior!
  3. Career Guidance self-evaluation – Based on theoretical model you can see how you orientate in working life

The offered languages are Spanish, English and Arabic!

Now is a good time and opportunity to find out your personal business potential and become a businessman or businesswoman! Go to www.neba.fi or www.nebatraining.eu and sign up.

Any questions, just contact us at www.nebatraining.eu/contact-page (put “3LINGUA” as a reference)

Step to study, step to business!